New ESOL self-study driving theory course launched in the east of England

The Strategic Migration Partnership (SMP) from the East of England Local Government Association (EELGA) has launched a new online self-study driving theory course for those who speak English as a second language.

The ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) course gives participants information on the how to prepare for the driving theory test and how to learn key terms they may be unfamiliar with.

It also includes crucial information on how to complete all the relevant paperwork to ensure they are driving safely and legally such as getting tax, insurance and MOTs.

The self-study course has evolved from classroom courses developed by the Strategic Migration Partnership’s Wellbeing and Work for Refugees project last year, which saw more than 400 people enrol.

Gill Searl, Project Manager for the SMP’s Employability for Overseas Nationals (EON) project, said: “Our ESOL driving theory online and in-person courses have always been the most popular of our resources.

“This course takes the essence of our classroom-based course and provides it in an online self-study format, so anyone at any time can learn at their own pace.”

The new self-study course has been funded by International Recruitment East (IRE), an organisation focussing on recruiting international people into adult social care sector in the east of England.

The easy-to-use online resource not only includes information on preparing to drive in the UK but also on how to understand and take the test itself.

It includes a section where you can practise learning new words because so many of the terms relating to driving are new to people from other countries.

It concludes with instructions on how to use the Safe Driving for Life website, helping users practise under test conditions.

Gill added: “Being able to drive opens up opportunities for people to work further away from where they live, as well as the ability to visit family and friends.

“We are very proud to launch this online self-study course, giving people the freedom driving provides.”

The online course is now open for registration. For more information, visit Home | Driving Theory Course (