ACCESS Project

The ACCESS Project (Acquiring Cultural Competence, Equalities, Successful Safeguarding) finished on 30 June 2015. It was aimed at front line local government and other public sector staff working with new migrant communities from outside Europe. It was a one year project, co-founded by the European Integration Fund, which focused on non-EU women who have recently migrated to the UK to settle here permanently. The project delivered 50 workshops across the East of England. There were three strands of workshops:

  • Those which aim to develop delegates' understanding of intercultural competence with regards to issues affecting women who have recently migrated to the UK from outside the European Union
  • Those which work on developing the skills needed to work with professional interpreters
  • Those which bring together groups of public sector professionals with non-EU migrant women to explore gaps in service access through an open dialogue.

These workshops were delivered by the following community groups and interpreting agencies working across the region, along the same lines as our EACH Project.

Community groups

  • Norfolk: The NEESA Project
  • Peterborough: Peterborough Council for Voluntary Service, Talking Health @The Beehive CIC
  • Cambridgeshire: Cambridge Ethnic Community Forum
  • Bedfordshire: Advice Training and Advocacy CIC
  • Luton: Equality in Diversity
  • Hertfordshire: MUSKAAN
  • South Essex: Tendring & Colchester Minority Ethnic Partnership (TACMEP)
  • North Essex: TACMEP, Bangladeshi Support Centre & CSV Media Clubhouse
  • Suffolk: Bangladeshi Support Centre & CSV Media Club House

Interpreting and translating agencies

  • Norfolk: INTRAN
  • Cambridgeshire and Peterborough: Cintra
  • Bedfordshire and Luton: Hertfordshire Interpreting and Translating Service (HITS)
  • South Essex and Southend: INTRAN
  • North Essex: Translating and Interpreting Provider (TIP)
  • Suffolk: INTRAN & TIP
  • Hertfordshire: Hertfordshire Interpreting and Translating Service (HITS)

ACCESS project legacy documents

Cultural Diversity guide: Cultural Diversity Guide

Safeguarding issues resource list: Safeguarding resource list

Safeguarding glossary: Safeguarding glossary

For more information please contact:

Gosia Strona - t: 01284 758324 or m: 07920 257947 or e:

Louise Gooch - t: 01284 758308 or m: 07834 129582 or e: