EON offers a range of courses through SLC

During the WW4RI – hub-home (pagetiger.com) project we searched for a provider who could offer IELTS and OET classes to highly qualified refugees. We were delighted to find SLC, which specialises in offering such classes online to a wide range of learners. SLC have proven to be a reliable partner and we are also pleased that they will now deliver integration courses to our clients as these are vital to the integration journey of overseas nationals. These courses are:

  • Health Literacy
  • Financial Literacy
  • Employment Rights
  • Housing Rights
  • Education in the UK
  • Driving Theory Preparation.

SLC is professionally run and always keeps us updated on learner progress and attendance. We are just one of the organisations that offers integration support for refugees and other migrants that SLC works with. You can find out more information about this work here.