Strategic Migration Partnership hub supports thousands of Hongkongers to settle in the east


Thousands of Hongkongers have found new homes in the east of England, as China continues to pass even tougher security laws for its citizens.

Since 2021, more than 140,000 people from Hong Kong have resettled in the UK, culturally enriching our society and bringing a highly-skilled and professional workforce to our shores.

The British National (Overseas) visa route was established in 2021 so people in Hong Kong could retain ties to the UK after it was handed over to China in 1997.

It is estimated around 10,000 Hongkongers are now living in the region, with the largest of our communities in Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Essex.

Ann Hunter, Regional Hong Kong Hub Co-ordinator, said: “With the introduction of tougher security laws in Hong Kong since the handover, many feel they want to continue their connection to the UK and move here.

“We have recently seen China tighten its security laws again in Hong Kong, with the second National Security Law passed just this week, so our work is of growing importance.”

As part of the East of England’s Strategic Migration Partnership, the Hong Kong Hub (HK Hub) supports the priority needs of Hongkongers living in our region, providing access to English language tuition and help in finding employment.

As well as fostering greater community integration, the hub works with the region’s local authorities and Voluntary and Community Sector organisations to deliver local activities and events.

Since 2021 the HK Hub has supported more than 500 Hongkongers with English Language tuition – from conversational level through to more advanced level and exam qualifications.

Ann added: “The hub supports Hongkongers in making a new home here in the UK, helping them into employment, self-employment or education as well as supporting their family and promoting cultural events, such as Friendship Festivals and Lunar New Year celebrations.

“We are proud of our work at the HK Hub, supporting people from Hong Kong to live safe, happy and fulfilled lives here in the east of England.”

For more information on the HK Hub, see here.