WW4RI - Project Launch

On Wednesday 21 October we hosted an online project launch event attended by over 100 people region wide. The event gave an opportunity to find out about the services we are providing, how to access these services and make referrals into the scheme, and to learn more generally about the project’s scope and vision.  Speakers participated from the employment advice and therapeutic services, ESOL and employer liaison provision, and the specialist skills providers Concept Training and MENTA, with a keynote speaker Farsh Raoufi MBE providing an inspirational testament of a refugee’s journey to UK integration.

Presenters slides are available to view below:

Louise Gooch, Project Lead (EELGA SMP)

Abdul Atteh, Employment Adviser (Essex Integration)

Emma Lord, Employment Adviser (NCC PFAT)

Sasha Nemeckova, Therapeutic Services Operations Manager (Refugee Council)

Bahareh Saremi, Therapeutic Services Regional Project Manager (Refugee Council)

Gill Searl, ESOL Coordinator (EELGA SMP)

Chris Pound, Programme Director/Devt Manager (Concept Training)

Rachel Heathcock, Employer Liaison Officer (EELGA SMP)