WW4RI extended and exceeding targets

We were delighted when the UKRA informed us that the Well being and Work for Refugee Integration Project-EELGA SMP – EELGA SMP project could be extended into 2023. We had been expecting it to end in December 2023. Having rapidly re-planned the budget and adjusted the services on offer, we were ready to go again in Quarter 12 (January to March 2023).

Since WW4RI had already exceeded the original target of reaching 590 beneficiaries we set a new goal of reaching 1164. However, Quarter 12 far exceeded our expectations with 179 new beneficiaries benefitting from the services we offer. WW4RI has therefore reached 1540 people since it started in April 2020. Of the new beneficiaries in Quarter 12, 166 received employment support and / or language training. Our driving theory course remains by far the most popular with 84 learners. The project team are exploring funding opportunities which will enable the development of enhanced interactive materials online to ensure greater reach and sustainable results beyond the end of the project.

38 beneficiaries entered employment in a wide range of sectors and seven more were referred to MENTA to obtain support for setting up their own business or becoming self-employed. 30 beneficiaries benefitted from wellbeing support in this quarter.

The feedback that we receive indicates the true impact and transformed lives as a result of this project. We are therefore actively pursuing options for successor funding for 2024 and beyond.

You can also read more about Quarter 12 here: WW4RI Project Updates-EELGA SMP – EELGA SMP