Employability for Overseas Nationals

As we reach the conclusion of the Well being and Work for Refugee Integration Project-EELGA SMP – EELGA SMP, which has been a massive success since its launch in April 2020, the team has been looking at successor funding. However, central government has also launched a range of initiatives relating to employability. These include REP and STEP Ukraine. As a consequence the SMP has assembled a programme to complement those put in place by central government.

From November 2023, Employability for Overseas Nationals (EON) will offer employment advice to a range of people who are not eligible for REP or STEP Ukraine. These include arrivals under VPRS/VCRS, Hong Kongers as well as former UASC who are now 18 and have permission to work. EON will also work with Ukrainians who are unable to commit to the 17 hours of ESOL provided under STEP Ukraine. We will continue to work with resettled refugees and others who have completed higher education and/or professional qualifications.

EON will in particular focus on recruitment into adult social care since this sector has many, varied vacancies and promotion opportunities. It is also an interesting route to return to medical careers.

The following flowchart and table provide more information on the 3 employability schemes: EON, REP and STEP Ukraine.

Comparison Of Schemes EON, STEP Ukraine, REP

Please contact Gill Searl, gill.searl@eelga.gov.uk for more information.