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How will we use this, and other, information on the Employability for Overseas Nationals project?

These are the main points of how we use the information you give us:

  1. All the project partners and sub-contractors* will protect your privacy when you use their services.
  • If the services available through this project are ones that you want to use, then one partner or sub-contractor must collect full personal details about you: One agency alone will collect personal information about you. For example: name, address, date of birth, country of birth, immigration status.


  • The agency is required to share all this personal information about you with the lead partner and they may need to share it with the organisations which pay for this work and their evaluation service providers.
  • The agency will only share basic information about you with one or more other partners and other organisations so that you get the help you have asked for. For example: ESOL and Skills services and/or potential employers, will be given your name, confirmation of your immigration status, where you live and how best to contact you (phone or email).


  1. All partners and sub-contractors working on this project will treat your personal information in a sensitive and secure manner in line with UK laws.


  1. In some cases, only if there is risk to you or to others, the law may say that we have to share your information to protect those at risk.


  1. We will keep your information for 6 years as is required by the organisations funding this work.


These are your rights

  1. You can ask to see the information we hold about you.


  1. You can ask us to change the information we hold about you if it is not right.


If things are not right, please ask the relevant partner organisation below for their complaints procedure if you are not happy with the way your personal information is handled or shared.


* These are the project partners who are required to ask for your detailed personal information:

Regional Strategic Migration Partnership at East of England Local Government Authority (SMP EELGA)
Bedfordshire BRASS employment adviser
Essex Essex Integration employment adviser
Hertfordshire Essex Integration employment adviser
Norfolk Norfolk County Council People from Abroad Team
Peterborough & Cambridgeshire HELP Charity employment adviser


Suffolk Suffolk Refugee Support employment adviser

This data will be shared by uploading to a secure sharepoint account which is only accessible to the partner uploading the file and the lead partner, the Strategic Migration Partnership from the East of England Local Government Association.

Your other limited personal information (contact details) may be shared with one or more of the following by sharepoint / secure email:

Business support MENTA entrepreneurship adviser
IELTS/OET course SLC academic staff



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