Strategic Priorities

Regional Priorities for East of England

In the East of England our strategic priorities are to:

  • Provide opportunities for BN(O) status holders and their dependants to mix with people of all backgrounds, to reduce isolation, build relationships and improve community cohesion.
  • Identify those BN(O) status holders or their dependants who need help to learn English well enough to manage daily life in the UK on an independent basis and provide formal and informal learning opportunities for them.
  • Assess the readiness of BN(O) status holders to enter the UK job market (including self-employment) and facilitate access to employment preparation activities offered by the regional AMIF-funded WW4RI project Well being and Work for Refugee Integration Project - EELGA SMP  This includes ESOL and skills courses to prepare people for work and/or enter specific industries (WW4RI ESOL and skills courses - EELGA SMP), work experience opportunities, advice on setting up a business and well-being support.
  • Ensure any instances of destitution and/or underemployment in the BN(O) status holder cohort are identified early, so this can be minimised and addressed through effective support services.
  • Build capacity of organisations to give locally based advice, particularly in areas identified as early “hotspots” (Hertfordshire, Essex and Cambridge) whilst maximising opportunities to extend that support across the region as and when needed, using digital services where appropriate.
  • Highlight opportunities across the East of England and support BN(O) status holders who are struggling to find suitable accommodation/schools/work in their local area to consider widening their search in the region.
  • Support both resident communities and BN(O) status holders and their dependants to feel safe and welcome, including providing advice and guidance on tackling hate crime in a timely manner, with follow-up support offered.