The Cultural Awareness Hub Taster Session - Common Myths Surrounding Mental Illness & Its Diagnosis

The Cultural Awareness Hub - Taster Session

10th November 2023
11:00 - 12:00
Virtual – Microsoft Teams
Entry Fees

As part of the Cultural Awareness Hub launch, we are thrilled to offer our second free taster session delivered by one of our trainers, Anita Malster focusing on Mental Health.  Taster sessions will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the hub and the workshops that will be delivered. Please join us and forward the registration link to relevant colleagues and teams in your organisation. We look forward to meeting you!

The medical model of mental illness has been the favoured narrative for far too long, however, mental illness isn’t a chemical imbalance, but rather a social phenomenon. Anita Malster, founder of Blossom Mental Health Training, busts some common myths, and helps you gain a better understanding of what leads to poor mental health in your workplace.  Now is the time to be looking at your workplace wellbeing strategies with a critical eye. Are they really changing the culture of your workplace, and creating a mentally healthy environment? As Anita says…“When a plant is struggling to grow you don’t blame the plant – you change the environment to help it thrive. People are no different.”

Audience: Everyone working with the Public

These workshops will not be recorded. Attendees will be asked to provide a testimonial for the website after attending the workshop.

If you have any queries please contact Rachel Heathcock, Project Manager, Equity and Equality , East of England LGA,


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