LGBT Mummies and South-East London Maternity Services Open Dialogue Workshop

20th October 2023
10:00 - 12:00
Virtual – Microsoft Teams
Entry Fees

Bringing together LGBT Mummies and South-East London maternity professionals to discuss how to ensure services are safe, effective and personalised care is provided for all women and birthing people through an open dialogue.

This is an opportunity for you and midwives to talk about maternity services. To find out what your experience was like and whether the service met your needs. The information you share at this session will be used by maternity staff to look at services and identify how they can be adapted. Your names will not be shared. If you feel you have extra questions or need any support from the midwives there will be time after the session finishes. Thank you for joining this virtual workshop.


  • Question One – Did you know what do expect during your antenatal appointments?
  • Question Two – Did you receive all the information you needed?
  • Question Three – How else do you think Maternity Services could have supported your journey?

I look forward to virtually meeting you on the 20th October. If you have any queries please contact Rachel Heathcock, Project Manager, Equality in Healthcare, East of England LGA,

Email; [email protected]

LGBT Mummies and South-East London Maternity Services ODW

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