Cultural Awareness Open Dialogue Workshop- South-East London Maternity Staff

London Maternity Staff

15th September 2023
12:00 - 14:00
Virtual Training
Entry Fees

Bringing together South-East London maternity professionals to discuss how to ensure services are safe, effective and personalised care is provided for all women and birthing people through an open dialogue. The discussion will focus on:

  • Women from Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities
  • Women with Mental Health issues
  • Using Interpreters
  • Vulnerable Families
  • Lesbian/ Transgender and Non-Binary Couples


  • What challenges do you face as a health care professional providing maternity care for any of these groups of women / birthing people?
  • What resources do maternity services need to provide to ensure that safe, effective and personalised care is provided for these women / birthing people?
  • What do you think of the model of care that you work in? Is it the right care/service that is needed for these groups of women / birthing people? If not what would be the ideal?
  • What training/ support do you feel you think / feel you would need to aid supporting these women / birthing people?
  • If we were to ask these women / birthing people what care they would want, what do you think there would say?

Audience: South-East London Maternity Staff.

If you have any queries please contact Rachel Heathcock, Project Manager, Equality in Healthcare, East of England LGA,

Email; [email protected]

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