European Local Authority Integration Network (ELAINE)


The ELAINE project will connect five local and regional European organisations on the theme of migrant and refugee integration.

The project comprises five separate meetings on the topic of integration in five separate member states. Each meeting will have its own focus with each participating partner sending 7 delegates, meaning that each conference will be made up of about one third EU delegates and the remaining two thirds being delegates from the host country.

UK Delegates arriving in Kristianstad

The Swedish meeting launched the ELAINE network in Kristianstad in April 2016 on the theme of migration and entrepreneurship. A summary of the conference can be found here.

In June 2016, the British conference was held in Ipswich on the theme of how the voluntary and statutory sector work together on migrant integration. Presentation from the event can be downloaded from the box to the right of this text. Please click here for the conference report.

EU delegates in Ipswich visiting Suffolk Refugee Support's International Women's Group

The third conference was held in Vigo in the region of Galicia, northern Spain, in September 2016 on the theme of how culture and sport contribute to migrant integration. Delegates from Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk took part in two days of learning and sharing.

The last conference in 2016 was in Vejle, Denmark in November where the theme was around language learning. In all the partner countries apart from Spain and the UK, new immigrants rarely arrive with any knowledge of their new country's language. Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands therefore take the subject of learning the language very seriously and have in place a network of language schools to help new migrants acquire the language quickly. This is seen as a measure of how well a new migrant is likely to be able to settle, integrate and contribute to the economy. Please follow this link to access the resources from the Danish conference, including details of language courses which focus on employment skills, interspersed with internships to enable learning to be put into practice: Danish Conference  

The fifth conference will happen in Maastricht, the Netherlands in April 2017 on the theme of migrant health. 

There will be a wrap up event in Brussels in the autumn of 2017.

The UK project team is made up of: